TNT Working Back to Form

Former and current World Championship Series (WCS) drivers Tomo Meglic, Sam Clark, Emil Henriksson, Justin  Lindsay, Riley Preston, Oscar Mangan, and Benjamin Lindsay each started their careers with TNT Racing. Known for cranking out top-tier drivers, TNT Racing is back at it again as two drivers pushed the limits of the McLaren MP4-30 around the Nurburgring Sunday.

Andy Runolfson finished 3rd in the second split. Recapping his race, Andy said:

I started 5th due to an off during qualifying, I was able to recover well with another great start that left me blistering down the middle at the drop of the green flag. This extra momentum netted me a very dangerous first corner as I was sandwiched 3 wide into the middle of the first corner with Kimmo Killström & Henri Lummi, neither willing to give an inch as we all searched for our own space on the track yet still fighting to come out ahead. This battle seemingly lasted forever as we were wheel to wheel until well after the 4th corner where I had the track position to push hard and take 3rd. With Kimmo & Henri fighting for 4th position I was able to squeeze out just over a 1 second gap this was not an easy task as Kimmo was not satisfied with the 4th place he had acquired. He (Kimmo) was pushing hard, mistake free lap after lap, forcing me to defend my position constantly, Kimmo had great race pace and the gap was never more than 2 seconds as we made our way past lappers and crashers. I was dripping with sweat yet only half way as I entered pit lane for a fresh set of rubber, trying to clear the sweat from my brow as I could hardly see while adjusting tire pressure. I knew I had to buckle down and push hard, Kimmo had gained a small advantage upon pit entry, due to my unforced error. This race was right on the edge lap after lap as Kimmo pushed hard, he could almost taste that podium finish, as we entered the final lap it was clear that I was able to manage my tires, keep enough battery to defend the long straights and avoid any major catastrophes. There where still 3 more competitors a lap down to get past and Kimmo was as close as he had been all race, just .300 behind. I knew this one would not be over until the very end and it was an extremely close, tough fight. I look forward to many, many more races such as this one. This was a great result for TNT-Racing and we would like to give our sponsor RaceBoss a big thank you!!

With new paints on the cars, Benjamin Lindsay took to the top split, managing 6th place with a high strength-of-field. Starting at the back of the grid (16 out of 17) due to no qualifying lap posted, it became clear early on that this would be a dogfight. Passing cars one-by-one, Lindsay settled into 9th spot just prior to pit stops. Seeing the battle in front and the pace lost, Lindsay pitted early and set 2 absolutely cracking laps to jump 3 spots into 6th by the time the pits sorted themselves out. Lindsay chipped away at 5th, but a late slide in the final sector with limited laps remaining led to cruise control for the last few laps. GSRC caught all the top-split action and there was plenty of air time for Lindsay as he made his way forward on the day.