TNT Welcomes New Sponsors RaceBoss and ARD Tuning!

Do TNT Racing's paints look different to you? RaceBoss and ARD Tuning are now part of the TNT Racing family as primary sponsors! With refreshed incentive, TNT Racing's members were carrying new schemes on their cars as they finished the Pro Mazda season in overall positions of 2nd and 4th, along with 12th place in the Grand Prix Series. 

A big congratulations to Martijn Arnoldus with the P2 overall. Noting his imperfect results in broadcast races and a new external challenges, Martijn carried multiple strong finishes throughout the 12 weeks to a podium finish. Everett Paddock also crushed the competition finishing in 4th place overall. Benjamin Lindsay completed 8 of 12 weeks with a few sub-par early results enroute to a 12th place overall finish in the iRacing Grand Prix Series in the Formula 1 car. Solid outings in the 10am ET broadcast races led to a positional jump late in the season for Lindsay.

About RaceBoss:

RaceBoss app turns your iOS or Android smart phone or tablet into a dashboard camera with real time OBD-II data overlays, to sum up RaceBoss uses your phone's bad ass HD video camera, connects with your car's computer and makes videos with the live data you select such as HP, RPM, Speed, etc. this data is shown on replay of the video as gauges overlayed on the video. Its like an expensive track recorder with telemetry for your phone. All data (gauges) are customizable as well, see only what you want overlayed. All you need to use the RaceBoss app is a smart phone or tablet. With a supported OBD-II hardware adapter you will also get OBD-II data directly from the vehicle for any OBD-II compliant vehicle, here in America that is 1996 and newer, in Europe its usually any 2004 and newer vehicle. 

Google Play link. 


About ARD Tuning:

ARD's model of business puts the customer in control of their tuning experience. Complete customization of your tune allows you to match the ECU calibrations to the particular setup you have. Any and all vehicle modifications that impact the ECU calibrations can be accounted for and optimized within the tuning file.