TNT Welcomes GTR Simulator On-Board!

TNT-Racing is proud to announce it's latest partner in GTR Simulator!

GTR Racing Simulator is a brand of Abtivan, a company founded by car guys for car guys.  GTR Simulator started in Los Angeles in 2002 as a wholesaler and distributor of performance parts. GTR Simulator's product lines were based on what high-performance auto enthusiasts demanded -- they sold what they would want on their own cars. Soon enough, GTR Simulator surpassed all sales goals, as serious drivers came to GTR Simulator for wheels, brakes, lowering springs, struts, coil-overs, racing seats and a full range of accessories.

GTR Simulator's team of drivers, racers and engineers developed components for cars in various professional racing series, from GT cars to Touring cars to Grand Am as well as formula cars.

Following GTR Simulator's success with road and race car performance parts, GTR Simulator decided to apply that knowledge to another passion: simulator racing and gaming. Many of the racing simulator cockpits on the market were either unsteady, unrealistic or unaffordable. With GTR Simulator's engineering experience and established relationships with fabricators, GTR Simulator knew they could build a better racing simulator rig and keep prices realistic.

Working with GTR Simulator's network of professional race drivers, GTR Simulator spent hours examining the seating positions and dimensions of sports car and race car cockpits and figured out what traits would best be carried over into a driving simulator gaming seat.

GTR Simulator Logo

From this process, the GTR Racing Simulator line came to life, and GTR Racing Simulator was formed to distinguish our driving simulator efforts from our real-world auto businesses. GTR Simulator remains headquartered in Southern California, where the surrounding tuner car culture and racing scene inspires the design and research efforts. GTR Simulator's sales, marketing and distribution facilities are exclusively in the United States.

TNT-Racing will be entertaining a new paint scheme to be released during round 1 of the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series. Along with general schemes and overlays, TNT-Racing offers 30% off all GTR Simulator Products using TNT-Racing's referral code: tnt30d5c

Simulator cockpit

Whether it be a single-monitor wheel/pedal stand, or a convenient GT-based setup, GTR Simulator has many high-end products at seemingly low-end prices. Use the TNT-Racing referral code for an even lower price!! Find out why professional gamer and racer uses GTR Driving Simulator for their gaming, racing, and driving simulation experience.

Immediately after you bolt a force feedback wheel to GTR Simulator gaming chair, you will immediately feel the solid firm feeling of steering, accelerating, and heel and toeing without the thought of a vibrating wheels mounted to your desk or low quality built racing simulator cockpit video game chair.

The GTR racing simulator video game chair is compatible with all digital driving wheels ranging from Logitech G27, Logitech G25, Logitech ForceGT, Fanatec Porsche Turbo S, GT3 RS, GT2 and MOMO wheels. GTR racing simulator works right out of the box with your favorite console such as PS3, PS2, Xbox and Xbox360, PC, or Wii.