TNT Racing Enters First NES Race

With a fresh series of RaceBoss logos on a newly sponsored Ferrari GTE, TNT Racing's newest enterprise was greeted by the world's best racers in the NES 24 hours of Le Mans. The NES (NEO Endurance Series) is the pinnacle of internet-based racing, using the iRacing service to bring together the world's best drivers in a premier endurance race format. TNT Racing's first attempt left a lot on the table, though the individual performance of Paul Darling was a bright spot on the day.

Beginning toward the rear of the grid, the team worked forward to the top 20 when Scott McIntyre began to have computer troubles, forcing an unscheduled pit stop. During the computer repairs, a lap was lost and a penalty was given, dashing the immediate hopes, but offering another 21 hours to make up positions. 

Paul Darling overcame the issues, and with minor front-end damage was able to log incredibly competitive lap time, bringing TNT back to the top 20. Benjamin Lindsay took over around midnight US time and immediately had problems of his own. Sound issued required 3 successive pit stops, putting TNT another couple of laps down. With the car down on straight-line speed and a bevy of technical complications, the decision was made to park the car with just a few hours left and no possibility of position gain or loss.

Overall, it was a disappointing run, though an incredible opportunity for TNT Racing. With over 16,000 viewers during the 24 hour race, TNT Racing was able to showcase their skills, new sponsor, and livery to the masses with plenty of air-time over the session. Special thanks to RaceBoss for their support, along with Allen Berg Racing School and GTR Simulator.