TNT Racing Charging Ahead for Pro

TNT Racing has a long and successful history of Pro and Pro-WCS (World Championship Series) drivers, with former TNT drivers placing top-10 in the worlds premier road racing series. With new tracks, cars, and series, iRacing is offering Pro licences to the top 26 qualifiers in the new Blancpain GT Qualifying series (BGTQ). Team "TNT Racing Carbon," is off to a good start with week 1 in the books, winning the second split and amassing 239 points on the weekend. 

Former WCS drivers Samuel Clark and Benjamin Lindsay headline the crew of four that compete in the 3 or 4-hour events each Saturday at 9am (GMT), 7pm (GMT), and Sunday 5pm (GMT). Scott McIntyre (iRating 5100) and Paul Darling round out TNT Racing Carbon as an effective team, overcoming obstacles enroute to a stellar first week. With the average iRating of the top split requiring 5700 points to enter, TNT Racing Carbon was relegated to the 2nd split, though average lap times would have garnered top-10 results overall for the weekend. With an average qualifying effort by Benjamin, TNT gridded 5th and rolled off the line at Monza with a solid setup, a fuel-saving plan, and teamwork designed to have Paul Darling cover the middle stint of the 3-hour race and Benjamin to take over on the final sprint to the line.

Early on, it appeard that fuel saving would be at a premium. Benjamin snaked his way up front and drafted the leader for 20 laps before hammering down and pulling a 3 second lead on the field prior to the first pit-stop, just 1 hour and 3 minutes into the race. Paul took over with a stellar pit stop and an even more impressive stint to ensure TNT Racing Carbon had no trouble down the stretch. Consistently lapping faster than the field, Paul's performance resulted in a 4th place exit after his pit stop due to leaders not taking tires. With fresh rubber and the leader in his sights, Benjamin pulled away to win by more than 10 seconds, marking TNT Racing's first ever win in the BGTQ series. 239 points was good enough for 41st overall. 

Saturday 18 Nov sees round 2 of the BGTQ at Silverstone. With much work to do to solidify the top-26 position, TNT Racing Carbon is looking for another stellar effort, keeping the car clean to the end and managing strategy for a prospective haul of 250+ points as a goal. Watch the BGTQ on Racespot TV or for all the action!