TNT Racing Carbon Places 5th in Top Split at 24 Hours of LeMans

With only 3 drivers, TNT Racing Carbon kept the car clean and finished the 24 Hours of LeMans in 5th position. Beginning before the race, Sam Clark put hours of work in to get the rating high enough for TNT to race in the premier split of the event. Meanwhile, Robert Tinsey worked on the setup to ensure pace for the team. When the green flag dropped, TNT Racing Carbon was in the top split in P14, with pace and a long, long way to go.

The first few stints were accomplished by Benjamin Lindsay. Lindsay didn't have an opportunity to jump in the car/track combination until race morning, but was clean and fast enough to end the first couple of hours up 2 positions to 12th. Tinsey entered and quickly got the team to the top 10 and pushing for 9th. Lindsay and Tinsey alternated throughout the first 8 hours until Sam Clark arrived. Sam was able to put in 2 hours, holding serve with some great lap times. As Robert took over, a top 5 seemed possible as the team was up to 7th with only 3 incident points on the entire first 10 hours. 

Sam was able to jump in the car for two more stints in the late evening/early morning before Robert went 4 hours to the 18:40 remaining mark. Thus far, everyone was tired, sore, and having a hard time concentrating. Lindsay took over with a 56s lead over 6th place, running the last 5:20 having slept a grand total of 2 hours in the last 30 hours. With concentration waning, Lindsay managed to cruise to the finish line 26s ahead of 6th. 

TNT Racing Carbon took home some other notable distinctions over the weekend - Robert Tinsey was the cleanest driver on the service with 0 incident points over 160 laps. TNT Was the 2nd cleanest team overall as well with only 8 incident points total through 24 hours of driving. TNT Racing Carbon was also one of the biggest movers of the event with the jump from 14th to 5th. Finally, the 5th place finish on the top split was in fact 5th overall on iRacing - a feat that certainly will give them confidence in the NES season planned to start in a few months.

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