TNT Racing App Now Live!

TNT Racing is happy to announce the release of "TNT Racing School," app available for iPhone and Android. Simply search for TNT Racing School on your smartphone to find our amazing new app and all the cool features it contains.

The app contains track guides, telemetry guides, fuel calculators, setup advice, and much more. click here to check out the Android Native and HTML 5 versions for free. 

With over 180 hours of effort and much intense preparation, TNT has produced this app with the intent to shave time off any drivers' lap times at 20 iRacing circuits, plus it will provide a greater understanding of telemetry which is transferrable to any car on the service. We created the app with the understanding that it would be $7.99 for each user, though the iOS version could not be released with a price-tag. (Lucky you if you own an iPhone!!!). We would be glad to accept donations for our efforts.

If one driver shaves of one-hundredth of a was all worth it!!

Happy hunting!