TNT Preparing Well for 24 Hours of Spa

iRacing offers a prestigious event next weekend. The world's best drivers compete in 6 different GT cars for 1440 minutes with a special place in history available for the winner. The 24 Hours of Spa will pit teams like VRS Coanda Simsport, Pure Racing Team, Core Racing Team, and various other notable teams against each other in a slug-fest to stand upon the podium with a very special title. TNT Racing hopes to contend with drivers Sam Clark, Paul Darling, Scott McEntyre, Andy Runolfson, and Benjamin Lindsay. TNT's Bobby Tinsey may find himself back in GT action come Saturday and Sunday as well. The squad of 6 are ready to put rubber to pavement, to fortify their position as a top-tier team on the iRacing service.

Over the weekend, Paul and Benjamin took to the virtual pavement in Belgium, competing in the VRS GT Endurance race to perfect their craft in preparation, coming away with a 2nd place and a victory over the two races. With each race a 3 hour affair, Paul and Benjamin decided on driver swaps, set the car up, and coordinated the weekend to maximize efficiency throughout. In the first race, starting 7th, Paul Darling pushed the TNT Racing Gold team toward the front, picking up a few positions with a solid run. Benjamin Lindsay took over and worked two stints to secure an easy second place behind the dangerous duo of Roque Garcia and Andres Rau. Lapping a few tenths slower than the leaders throughout, Team VEC-simracing placed Sylvain Moraine in the car with new tires, while TNT quick-pitted on old tires. It mattered not. Benjamin was able to pull away and almost compete for the win toward the final laps.

The second race proved even more successful. Though the top two competing teams has trouble during the second stint, the race was sure to be a podium finish throughout as Benjamin spotted a monster qualifying lap, ensuring P2 throughout the first stint. Paul took over and was able to carry the draft of World Championship driver Agustin Canapino for most of the 2nd stint. In P3 with new tires, Lindsay was able to pass all competitors and handily won the race by more than 12 seconds.

A tremendous result for TNT Racing in the VRS GT Endurance series, with both drivers refining their craft in preparation for the main event at 13:00GMT, Saturday morning. The competition is sure to be on guard for TNT Racing as they have shown more than capable in the drivers seat this weekend.

A big thank you to RaceBoss and ARD Tuning for the sponsorship in this race. TNT Racing would like to remind viewers this weekend that the race will be broadcast on the iRacing eSports network with full 24 hours of coverage.

Race 1 Results

Race 2 Results