TNT Earns Bid for 2018-19 NEO Endurance Series

Throughout the past 3 weeks, Bobby Tinsey and Benjamin Lindsay worked toward a bid for the 2018-19 NEO Endurance series - arguably the most prestigious virtual endurance series in existence. One week later they learned their fate, which was unsurprising. The duo earned the right to represent TNT Racing in this prestigious series by qualifying 3rd in the Time Trial portion and 5th in the qualifying race.

While their fate was not settled until arbitration concerning driving technique, pace, fairness, and general competence was complete for all participants from NEO's governing body, both Bobby and Benjamin both knew they had done more than enough to get in. Both had top-3 speed in the time trial and in the race, only to lose a few spots due to required pit strategy based on individual availability. Pushing through all barriers, the two also opened the door for Sam Clark and Paul Darling to enter the team, rounding out the 4 members shooting for podiums each race in the HPD. 

NEO Endurance offered some kind words of TNT Racing in their assessment process and we congratulate them on their hard work paying off.