TNT Doubles-Up for LeMans 24hr

It has been 2 months since TNT Racing teamed up for LeMans. The outing for the NEO Endurance series was stellar, though an late mishap spoiled a very special result. TNT Racing is looking to put its collective best foot forward today with 9 drivers comprising two teams - TNT Racing Gold and TNT Racing Carbon. A blistering 3:29.473 time puts the Gold team up front while the Carbon team - led by TNT's veteran Scott McIntyre has collected new faces and burned hundreds of practice laps in preparation for a stellar result.

For the Gold team, Lindsay and Tinsey are the mainstays of the NEO team that placed fourth overall in the HPD. They are hoping that the experience will carry the team, putting less pressure on Martijn and David. Martijn Arnouldis has dominated the Pro Mazda this past season and is looking to make his mark on the endurance circuit after a strong showing at Nurburgring in early May. David Williams rounds out the squad with experience and speed. David has taken somewhat of a pause on the endurance circuit and is ready to return with hundreds of laps in his pocket and confidence as an important cog in the Gold Team.

Here's the way they will line up for the next 24 hours:

TNT Racing Gold (HPD)
Bobby Tinsey
David Williams
Martijn Arnouldis
Benjamin Lindsay

TNT Racing Carbon (HPD)
Scott McIntyre
Erwin Van Den Berg
Everett Paddock
Andy Runolfson
James Wyckoff
Troy Schulz

Special thanks to Karl Crowley for the paint schemes for the team. It should be an impressive showing for TNT Racing in the Lemans 24!