TNT 2012 Season 1 Recap

Season 1 had a frustrating start - mostly due to the new tire model being applied to the Star Mazda. A few weeks into the season, we'd figured out how to set up the car to maximize performance out of the NTM, and the frustration lessened. The NTM had issues all season long, but we figured out how to get it to perform in any case.

Troy had a great season, finishing 7th overall. Towards the end, he got the F1 fever and decided to make a run at the top 10 of the F1 series (and the resulting Pro license). Josh had a great season as well - finishing in the top 10 overall and winning the Division 2 championship. Mark finished 11th overall and is still going to make a run at top 10 next season. Nenad finished 44th overall and ran an incredible 78 races!

We look forward to diversifying this season - F1, Indycar and Star Mazda will all see TNT making an impact.