Tinsey and Darling Podium for TNT in 1st Autobahn Race

Bobby Tinsey brought his TNT Racing Gold Porsche 919 home third, passing his old rival John Ulmer on the last lap last night in the 5th round of the 2018 Autobahn league. With very limited preparation, Bobby was able to catapult up the field early and held station among some stiff competition all night. Solid lap times and an insane ability to weave through traffic led to an excellent finish, only 9 seconds behind the leader. Tinsey came in only 2 points behind the leader, and tied with Jason DeVriese, though those numbers will change only slightly as DeVriese finished 2nd.

In the GTE Class, Paul Darling had a similar night, though no last-lap passes were required. His third place finish was distant from the race leader - some 30 seconds ahead, but was an exceptional finish for the first race of the season. Paul started the race with a healthy 38 point lead which will remain similar moving into round 6.

Autobahn action can be seen on the Global Sim Racing Channel with a full replay available here.