Star Mazda 2011 Season 4 Team Report

After 8 weeks of the 2011 Season 4, TNT still holds 4 of the top 22 positions in the Star Mazda Championship. Troy is 4th, Mark is 9th, James is 20th and Andrew is 22nd. This is a great all-around performance that is going to make the last 4 weeks very interesting indeed!

Troy Schulz is having his best season ever and is threatening to tread into alien territory. Over the first 8 weeks, his average qualifying position is 7th, certainly placing him among the fastest drivers the series has to offer. He also has an amazing 30 wins out of 44 starts, proving he's both fast and consistent. Currently sitting in 4th place overall and 2nd in Division 1, he has a great shot at finishing on the overall Championship and Division 1 podiums.

Mark Ursel is also having his best season yet. Currently, he is in 9th position overall and 5th in Division 2. It should be a real dogfight to the end of the season in Division 2, but Mark's got a good shot at a podium spot at least. 5 wins on 30 starts and 19 top-5 finishes also show Mark is gaining consistency as the season wears on.

James Wyckoff is having a breakout season. Currently, he is in 20th position overall and 3rd in Division 3. James is also showing great consistency, with 3 wins on 17 starts and 13 top-5 finishes.

Andrew Le's season is going strong. Currently, he is in 22nd position overall and 9th in Division 1. Given the time-zone challenges facing iRacers in Australia, his performace to date has been excellent. Andrew has 9 wins on 23 starts with 18 top 5 finishes.

David Kadlcak has been coming out consistently for Star Mazda races this season and is putting in a very respectable performance. Currently, he is in 59th position overall and 14th in Division 3. Not bad for the first full season in a long time! David has 3 wins on 19 starts with 10 top 5 finishes.