Meet Ben "Dingo" Lindsay

We caught up with TNT Racing's fastest racer and co-captain to find out a little more about him. Meet USAF pilot, Pro series driver, and World Championship series veteran Ben "Dingo" Lindsay.

Q:  Who is your racing hero?
A:  Peter Brock – Australian V8SC legend, particularly at Bathurst, where his record number of wins still stands. Unfortunately he was killed in a racing incident in 2006. I root for Dale Jr. and Michel McDowell in NASCAR.

Q:  What do you do for a living?
A:  F-16 fighter pilot, currently working with the T-6 Texan II teaching the USAF’s best and brightest how to do loops to music.

Q:  How long have you been on iRacing?
A:  Since October 2008. It was mostly oval for the first few years, gaining iRating to make pro in 2010, but they then changed the pro format, so I moved to road racing where I ventured for pro there.

Q:  Did you have other race simulator experience before iRacing?
A:  None

Q:  What about real-life racing experience?
A:  Allen Berg Racing School (our sponsor) is the only real racing I have accomplished anywhere. A really neat experience I would recommend to anyone.

Q:  Do you feel the real-life experience helps you on iRacing (or vice-versa)?
A:  Absolutely. Understanding G and being able to hit a lateral or forward/rearward G was evident in the real car and the concepts roll over nicely into iRacing.

Q:  What progression did you take to get to your Pro license?
A:  Pro Series 2014 was made by completing S1 2014 and finishing nicely. I was doing quite well in the pro series (2nd place after 4 weeks), but I had to take some time off and drop 3 weeks total, finishing 9th. From there, the WCS was fun, but I wasn’t able to make time for significant effort (particularly the 2nd half of the season) based on real-world issues, so the hope is to make this year different by completing the entire pro series (minus 2 weeks based on availability) and do much better in the WCS (34th overall in the 2015 WCS).

Q:  What’s your favorite iRacing track or track/car combo?
A:  Oval – Fixed A or C at New Hampshire, Martinsville, and Pocono. Road – V8SC at Bathurst and F1 @ Interlagos and Phillip Island.

Q:  What’s your favorite iRacing car/series?
A:  F1 WCS and iPSRR. Very competitive and great to mix it up with guys that are seriously fast!

Q:  What’s the best/most fun race you’ve ever had in iRacing?
A:  Team endurance racing is head and shoulders above the rest. TNT Racing has some great and fast individuals that are a pleasure to team up with.

Q:  What’s your current racing rig setup?
A:  GTR Simulator has a GTA model rig which suits me very nicely. I have a trip-screen stand from Rseat and a G27 stock except for a brake modification (load cell).

Q:  What else do you do for fun?
A:  I love baseball, basketball, football, and almost every other sport. Also, I have been hooked on chess for about 20 years.

Q:  What tools/utilities do you use to help you get faster?
A:  MOTEC is a great tool, but honestly, help from team-mates is the best tool to go faster!!!

Q:  What are your goals for this season?
A:  Pro series qualification and BES WC qualification.

Q:  Who is/are your main rival(s)?
A:  No rivals in the true sense of the word, but I love to finish ahead of good teams like Ronin, Coanda, Redline, and Mivano Racing.

Q:  How has being a member of TNT Racing helped you?
A:  When you have more than just yourself prepping for a race, the feedback, setup advice, and lap nuances are all beneficial to getting that extra tenth of a second out of the car.

Q:  If you had the chance, what real-life race car would you want to drive? At what track?
A:  I’d love to try the 1998 Benneton that ABRS has available as a part of their program. Expensive, but fun nonetheless.

Q:  What are your short-term and long-term goals on iRacing?
A:  Short term – pro qualification. Long term – Identify as one of the top road racers on the service and eventually I would like to qualify for the oval pro series.

Q:  What advice would you give to someone just getting started?
A:  Don’t get bogged down in telemetry and minute car setup changes. Instead, spend the time you would on that getting your butt on the track and learning the line and bumps. After you are comfortable, small setup changes are best. Try one change at a time. Comfortability always results in better lap times. Loose if fast, but comfortable is faster!