McIntyre and Lindsay Push for LeMans Endurance Honors

Two TNT Racing Drivers begin action at Monza this weekend as the iRacing LeMans Endurance Series (Season 3) begins. Driving the HPD, Lindsay and McIntyre hope to produce results on the first of 6 weekends at the low-downforce and high-speed track in Italy. Lindsay is coming off an impressive 4th overall position in the HPD with the NEO Endurance Series, teaming up with Scott McIntyre, Robert Tinsey, David Williams, Paul Darling, and James Wyckoff for a very special result. Comfortable with the HPD, Lindsay and McIntyre commence efforts to push the limits of the car for 6 hours for season points in the hopes of bringing home the overall title 12 weekends from now.

Later in the season the other HPD drivers will each see time in the car as the team continues the upward trend it has seen in recent endurance series events. Team accomplishements in the last two years in the HPD include an impressive 2018 LeMans finish of 5th place overall, 24 Hours of Daytona win in the 2nd split, along with multiple other podiums in GT3 class cars. TNT Racing is hoping to duplicate their historic success this season with 6 races at Monza, Road Atlanta, Spa Francorchamps, LeMans, and others, each at least 6 hours long in duration.

Each race will be streamed by one of our team members so be sure to check Twitch for the live action!