Glen Disappointment for TNT Racing

Drivers James Wyckoff, Erwin Van Den Berg, and Benjamin Lindsay took part in two full races at Watkins Glen this past weekend with what appeared to be a solid result until disaster struck...twice. 

Race 1 on Friday night saw  James Wyckoff place the car solidly in 6th by hour 1, with Benjaimn Lindsay taking over the car for stints 2 through 4. Lindsay positioned the car in P3 after the first of his runs, running down the leader lap over lap. Shortly into his second stint, a GTE car attempting to limp his car around the entire track after a turn-1 incident found himself off the pavement exiting the carousel. As he struggled to control his ailing car, a passing Corvette made contact, which in turn spun his car into the TNT Racing machine's left rear panel, spinning the car instantly, and uncontrollably into the outside metal barrier, effectively ending any chances the team had at finishing with a good result. The entire malaise occured unbeknownst to Lindsay outside his field-of-view, though the last 3 hours of the race required driving with a car that lapped 6 tenths slower. 

Lindsay and Van Den Berg were able to finish the race in 9th position overall, which is remarkable given the 14 minutes of repaird required on the car.

The following race had potential to be spectacular. Lindsay Qualified 9th in the top split and used pit strategy to secure a solid 4th position overall after the 3rd pit stop. With iRacing's elite in the race, a top 5 spot seemed possible, but Erwin had complications arising from an unintentional chicane entry, causing damage to the car that again rendered the car undriveable. A series of highs and lows populated the weekend's driving for TNT Racing, with superb speed and handling of the car in ideal conditions. Lindsay at times was catching the leader on the 2nd and 3rd stints, just 16 seconds behind after his final exchange. The difficulties of multi-class racing and the often random nature of the chicane proved to be too much for TNT Racing this weekend, but they are determined to come back in the GT3 class at Spa Francorchamps for the 24 hours of Spa in late July.

A big thanks goes out to James Wyckoff, Scott McIntyre, and Martijn Arnouldis for preparation and streaming for the event as well as GTR Simulator for the sponsorship opportunities.