DIY $20 Button Box

Inspired by a thread on the iRacing forums, I decided to try building my own button box. For only $20 worth of parts, you can't go wrong. :D


 photo IMG_3254.jpg

First I made a template of where to drill for the buttons.

 photo IMG_3259.jpg

Then I marked them with a center punch.

 photo IMG_3260.jpg  photo IMG_3264.jpg

Then came drilling them out.

 photo IMG_3266.jpg  photo IMG_3268.jpg  photo IMG_3270.jpg

Installed the buttons.

 photo IMG_3272.jpg

Then the wires and encoder.

 photo IMG_3284.jpg

Finally, put the two halves together and put on the end plates.

 photo IMG_3288.jpg  photo IMG_3292.jpg  photo IMG_3294.jpg

Works perfectly!