Big Week for TNT Endurance Teams

TNT Drivers embarked on two 7-hour endurance races at LeMans in the HPD this weekend with solid results. TNT Racing Gold placed 4th in the main event Saturday, while the Sunday race saw TNT Racing Carbon gain 180 points from a 2nd place finish.

Paul Darling and Benjamin Lindsay pushed their HPD to the front of the field Saturday after a poor qualifying effort put them in 8th position on the grid. Due to a late session entry, Benjamin Lindsay was only able to complete a single safe lap, almost 2 seconds off the pace. After four stints, Lindsay had the HPD out front with good lap times, but slightly off tire strategy, requiring Paul Darling to take over from P2, just behind the leader. Lindsay's 2nd stint at hour 5 was the beginning of a series of unfortunate events caused by a lagging and flashing car that appeared in the simulation overlayed on Lindsay's car, causing aerodynamic damage which was worth 2 to 3 seconds of pace per lap. The decision was made to spend almost a full minute in the pits to repair the damage, though the aerodynamic situation was only partially resolved. Exiting the pits and with a few blunders enroute, Lindsay and Darling scraped together a 4th place finish and garnered 149 points, which was still enough to keep the overall series lead for TNT Racing Gold. 

The Saturday race saw TNT Racing Carbon make contact with the wall in the early stages of the race, relegating them to the rear of the field and eventually retiring the car.

Sunday's race was a reversal of TNT Racing Gold and Carbon's fortunes as TNT Racing Gold was rear-ended by another HPD competitor during the first stint, while TNT Racing Carbon was able to push their car to the front, battling Devotion Sim Racing for the top spot.

The Carbon team enjoyed the benefits of clean air and consistent driving from Scott McIntyre, Martijn Arnouldis, and Benjamin Lindsay to claim 180 points and keep Lindsay, Darling, and McIntyre one-two-three in the overall individual standings.

The NEO 24hr Series kicks off in the fall with a single TNT Racing entry courtesy of the NEO Endurance 4th place finish by Tinsey and Lindsay last season in the HPD. Though the car will change, TNT Racing will again be pitting its might against the top teams in the world with the following car/track schedule:

  • A6: Mercedes AMG GT3, Ferrari 488 GT3, Audi R8 LMS GT3, & BMW Z4 GT3
  • 911: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
  • TCR: Audi RS3 LMS TCR

Round 1 - 6H Spa-Francorchamps
October 13, 2019

Round 2 - 6H Circuit of the Americas
November 10, 2019

Round 3 - 6H Silverstone 
December 15, 2019

Round 4 - 6H Imola
January 5, 2020

Round 5 - 6H Monza
February 2, 2020

Round 6 - 12H Barcelona
March 21, 2020

TNT Racing will also be pre-qualifying for the SCO3 series next month alongside the NEO series in what will be a busy fall for TNT Racing's endurance drivers.