A Good Weekend for TNT at Spa

TNT Racing Gold teams competed in the 24 Hours of Spa and the iRacing LeMans Endurance Series on both Saturday and Sunday. They managed to win the Saturday iELMS race, finished 2nd in the Sunday iELMS race, and finished 19th in the 24 Hours of Spa in split 2. The team will next take to the track for an endurance race in October for the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta.

The first green flag dropped at 9am Easter on Saturday morning with Benjamin Lindsay in the Mercedes GT3 car, positioned 6th on the grid. Lindsay drove two stints and handed the car off to Scott McIntyre in P3 overall. The next 12 hours provided some fun and intense action on track, though the team dropped to mid-pack by the mid-way point. Through the night, James Wyckoff, Paul Darling, and Ryan Quinn pushed the car back into the high teens for position as attrition picked up and temparatures fell. Finishing the race, Lindsay, Quinn, and McIntyre held position for a top-20, worth 163 points and good for 63rd overall out of the thousand-plus team entry listing. Lindsay's fastest lap of a 2:14.3 was good for a top-10 overall in the Mercedes GT3 car as well.

During the Spa24, Lindsay and Darling put together a clinic in the HPD at Spa for the 6-hour endurance race as part of the iELMS. Starting 2nd, Lindsay took the first two stints, holding position, just a few seconds off the leader. Darling took over at the end of hour 2 and pushed hard again to hold serve against the speedy Yohan Harth. Lindsay's final stint saw the action reach its climax as he was 36 seconds behind the leader, slowly and gradually reeling him in to win by 7 seconds, making the final pass with only 2 laps to go. The win served as the highest points total of the weekend with 169 points, good for P2 in the overall team standings and besting the points leading team by 16 points.

Immediately following the Spa24, Lindsay again took to the track for the opening two hours of the iELMS Sunday race. Handing off the car in P1 to Scott McIntyre, the team pushed hard against another team ace - Carvallo, who's spectacular pace bested Scott and pulled Devotion Sim Racing team to the front by a significant margin that was unfortunately unable to be overcome with Lindsay and Scott's remaining stints on the weekend. Thanksfully the overall points were not affected by the Sunday race with TNT Racing compiling an advantagous points haul and pushing hard against the competition for the season championship. 

The next iELMS race is in 2 weeks at Silverstone where Lindsay, Darling, McIntyre, and potentially Martijn Arnouldis will attempt to wrangle the championship lead away from Carvallo and company. Drivers Quinn and Wyckoff may make a showing in the TNT Racing Carbon team, though the lineup will be finalized at a time to be determined. Stay tuned to all our endurance races through streames from McIntyre, Quinn, Runolfson, and Wyckoff on Twitch.com.