Season 3 Recap

With the team exhaling from busy seasons 1 and 2, season 3 brought the opportunity for fun and some well-deserved R&R. With multiple hosted sessions, fun practice groups, and events such as Petit Le Mans, and the Bathurst 500, TNT-Racing was able to relax and enjoy the 13-week breather.

Robert Tinsey

A usual candidate for a top-5 overall in the AiMsports/ABRS HPD, Bobby took his skills on track yet again sporting the new livery for 4th overall in season 3. Early season form was there, but as with most TNT drivers, season 3 was used as a rest season of sorts, thus points were not accumulated at the normal rate. Roughly halfway into the season, Bobby started racking up huge point totals in high-strength fields which vaulted him up the standings at a torrid pace. “I missed out on too many SOF races early in the season. I had more pace than the 2nd and 3rd place finishers during the last week, but that may have just been the Daytona track. Once I was able to practice more, I was able to rifle off 170-205 point races (which is good for HPD),” Bobby said. Congratulations to Bobby for yet another top-5 performance! Add to this accomplishment a win in the “Petit Le Mans,” and another successful season is in the books.

Andre Cunha

The skilled Brazilian made an early splash in the AiMsports/ABRS IndyCar finishing well in early races, but focused on the Time-Trial championship throughout the season. In a constant battle for first place all season, Andre managed 2nd place overall with his insane speed on display in just his first full season in the DW12. “My season started with big excitement about the DW12, even made a couple races. After that I found myself very short on time and decided to only stick to the TT Championship in which I finished second overall,” said Andre. “After completing what I had committed to, I started playing with some cars and found myself very fond of the HPD and BMW, even had a quick return to the Skippy. The coming seasons seem to be in general focused on the GT3 and WSCS, as driver swaps fits these series best.” Future plans for Andre in season 4 and beyond include GT3-class, WSCS (HPD), and driver swap races as part of the newly formed team-series for TNT-racing.

Benjamin Lindsay

With focus admittedly upon the upcoming season 4 iRacing Pro-series, season 3 was void of an overall championship, though a Division 1 championship was attained. With only 6 of 12 weeks completed, Benjamin was able to win 60% of his races gaining enough points in minimum time to surpass all other Division 1 racers and finish 8th overall. Showing progressively better speed with the new version of the FW31, Benjamin stayed out front for 80 percent of all laps run winning 7 times from pole to checkered flag.

Season 4 Highlights

TNT-Racing will make its team debut in the HPD next season along with a trio of individuals bound to make a splash in the Road Pro Series. James Wyckoff, David Williams, Robert Tinsey, Andre Cunha, Benjamin Lindsay, and Mark Ursel plan to participate in driver-swap races in the HPD which should be an exciting new chapter in iRacing’s history.

Pro drivers Samuel Clark, Daniel Bida, and Benjamin Lindsay will take center-stage in the biggest series in their iRacing careers starting November 8 at Twin-Ring Motegi. The 64 lap race marks the start of the iRacing Road Pro Series. The Top 25 drivers at the end of the series are granted Pro/WCS licenses and are eligible to compete for the $10,000 first place prize and additional cash/credit/merchandise prizes for the top 12 finishers. The prestigious World Championship Series Pits this year’s top-25 against the top-25 from the iRRPS beginning in season 1 2015. With a reduced schedule of 10 races with a single drop week, wheel-to-wheel action should be superb viewing as TNT’s 3 pro drivers sport the new livery on-track.